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Make Buttons & Magnets

Promote clubs ★ Advocate for a cause ★ Support your band ★ Decorate your backpack or fridge   

Mini circles (1"), small circles (1.5"), medium circles (2"), and rectangular (2.75" x 1.75")

We have hundreds of designs pre-cut and ready to go. If you choose one (or more!) of these they are a flat fee of $.50 each.

Designing Your Own
The Workspace has the machines and parts, but it is up to you to make the designs for custom buttons or magnets. Use the directions and template.  Print or photocopy a few more designs than you plan to make, and bring them in so we can show you how the machines work.  Or have us make them for you if you are short on time.  

Custom buttons/magnets start at $.50 each with price breaks about every 25. We can teach you how to make them in just a few minutes, and the fee to use the machine is $4 per person per day for ISU and $5 for community.  
We would be happy to make your buttons or magnets with your provided designs. We charge an additional $.15 per piece for this service, and most orders can be turned around in a day or two.

Get a Quote
We'd be happy to give you a quote to help you manage your project budget. E-mail us with the size and number of buttons or magnets you'd like to make.

ISU Trademarks
The Workspace is not trademark licensed through Iowa State University.  Designs incorporating ISU logos, word marks, or university nameplates may not be produced at The Workspace. 


Button Making at The Workspace

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