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Paint Your Own Pottery

Paint Your Own Pottery at The Workspace

Choose from over 100 different bisque items, from functional kitchenware like mugs, bowls and plates, to decorative items like garden gnomes and dinosaurs.  

The process is easy:choose your piece, paint it, and then we will fire it within a week for you to come pick up. 

Studio fee is $4 for ISU and $5 for public plus the cost of the bisque you select. PYOP is open to all ages as long as those 15 and under are accompanied by an adult.

Walk-in anytime during open hours for Paint Your Own Pottery.  Or, join us on Friday evenings between 4 & 8pm for theme nights. Pre-registration is not required for Friday theme nights.

Need an activity for your student organization, office staff or a girls' night out?  Contact Letitia Kenemer for group reservations.

Summer 2017 Theme Nights:

May 19 Mug Night We like big cups and we cannot lie! From traditional coffee mugs to ones shaped like owls and elephants, we have mugs of all sizes and styles.  
May 26 Snack Bowl Night Eat, sleep, snack, repeat! We have bowls for every snack size, from small dishes to extra-large bowl.
June 2 Quotables Add an inspiring quote, lyrics from your favorite song, or a personal message to your pottery
June 9 Father’s Day Gifts No ugly ties this year!
June 16 Gnome Gnight From three-inch inch minis to a foot-tall “Ginormagnome,” we’ve got a cast of characters that are fun to decorate and add to your indoor or outdoor space.
June 23 Farm to Table We will share simple drawings of fruits and vegetables you can add to your pottery to celebrate Iowa’s garden harvest
June 30 Monster Mugs Guest artist Hugo Kenemer will show you tips for drawing monsters. Silly, scary, or whatever you think the thing under your bed looks like.
July 7 Dots, Stripes & Pattern Repetition of dots, stripes and shapes are an easy way to decorate pottery. The resulting patterns make even the least-confident painter look like a       PYOP pro.
July 14 Artist Series: Kandinsky Circles Wassily’s famous color studies from the early 1900’s show how our perceptions change when color value, saturation and warm/cool combinations interact. Paint concentric circles using a mix of hues a la Kandinsky. 
July 21 Artist Series: O’Keeffe’s Ladder to the Moon Best known for paintings of enlarged flowers, Georgia’s 1950’s painting Ladder to the Moon is another well-loved gem interpreting the ideas of passage and transition. In addition to the ladder and moon imagery, take inspiration from the teal hues of the sky and the mountainous horizon. This concept will look beautiful on any bisque, and honors O’Keeffe’s contributions to modern art.
July 28 Artist Series: Van Gogh Night Sky Create a swirly, starry sky using blues and golds like the original, or come up with your own color combinations. Using a series of small strokes, imitate Vincent’s distinct style of color layering from his late 1800’s post-impressionist work. The Starry Night was painted just one year after Van Gogh cut off his left ear, and one year before his untimely death.


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