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The Gallery and The Pioneer Room, located on the 3rd floor of the Memorial Union, display art exhibits that include regional artists as well as student and juried exhibits. New exhibits are rotated every four to six weeks.  Because both rooms double as meeting rooms, please call (515) 296-6848 for open viewing times between 8am and 8pm daily.

The Multicultural Center is located on the 2nd floor of the Memorial Union.  Exhibits embrace, express, and celebrate the diverse cultures of Iowa State University and create a welcoming space for students and the community.  Hours are Monday through Thursday from 8am–11pm, Friday from 8am–5pm and Sunday from 5–11pm during the fall and spring semester.  Summer hours are Monday through Friday from 10am–5pm.

Works are for sale.  For more information contact Letitia Kenemer.

Michelle Fischer Art Exhibit at the Memorial Union
July 1 - October 5 in the Pioneer Room

Michelle Fischer: Wax and Shine

This collection of work simplifies the ideas of chaos and the sublime down to essential, abstracted forms. Working with foil and wax, Fischer creates transparency, shine, light and movement.  She uses wax to create a “layered history” with its translucent quality. Encaustics and foil take experimentation with line, space, and color to a higher level.  

Fischer teaches art in the Cedar Rapids area including at Kirkwood Community College and the U of I.









July 9 - October 18 in the Gallery


Fresh Fotos: My First Year Experience

During the fall of 2014, a group of freshmen were given digital cameras to document their first year at Iowa State.  Five images from each student will be exhibited depicting class, residence halls, friends, athletic events, changing seasons and ISU’s scenic campus. 







July-December 2015

in the Multicultural Center


Selections from the MU Permanent Collection

The Iowa State Memorial Union has an extensive art collection of over 300 pieces. A majority of the artwork is by Iowa artists, or those with a connection to Iowa State University, and there are a number of pieces by international artists. Nine pieces were chosen to exhibit by artists from Bali, Laos, Germany, Canada, India and the US.  Artwork ranges from textile embroidery to printmaking, and informational labels accompanying each piece will give a glimpse into the artist’s life or artwork style. 

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