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Congratulations to the 2014 Student Organization Award Winners!

 Outstanding Event of the Year: Bacon Expo

 Outstanding Commitment to Diversity: International Student Council

 Outstanding Commitment to Service: Sustainable Agriculture Student Association

 Outstanding Student Organization Adviser of the Year: Erica Beirman, Culinary Science Club

Outstanding Student Leader of the Year: Onalie Ariyabandhu, International Student Council


Award Categories 

The Outstanding Student Leader of the Year Award is awarded to an individual in a student organization who has:

  • Inspired others.
  • Made him/herself available to group members, and brought out strengths and talents of individual group members.
  • Demonstrated initiative by seeking ways to challenge the present and enrich the future.
  • Made a meaningful contribution to student, University and surrounding communities through responsible leadership.
  • Held a leadership position in the organization.

The Outstanding Commitment to Diversity Award is awarded to a student organization that has:

  • Provided information or activities about diversity or multicultural issues (race/ethnicity, class, sexual orientation, religion, age, gender, ability, cultural identity, etc.).
  • Demonstrated consistent flexibility, initiative, creativity and perseverance.
  • Made a meaningful contribution to students, University or surrounding communities.
  • Worked in collaboration with other organizations to enhance organization's goals.
  • Exemplified integrity in all areas of the organization.

The Outstanding Commitment to Service Award is awarded to a student organization that has:

  • Demonstrated outstanding service to the Iowa State University and Ames communities.
  • Promoted the public good, not for financial gain.
  • Demonstrated innovation, creativity, or a new kind of engagement.
  • Created valuable learning experience for students.

The Outstanding Event of the Year Award recognizes:

  • Student organizations for conceiving, planning, and implementing an outstanding event for the ISU community.
  • An event that fulfilled the mission of the organization(s).
  • All types of events, including ones that are social, cultural, recreational, educational, etc.
  • An event open to the entire ISU community and/or public.

The Outstanding Student Organization Adviser of the Year Award is awarded to an adviser in a student organization who:  

  • Has had a positive impact on a student organization and the University community.
  • Demonstrates strong advising skills, is readily available to students, and takes great strides to help the organization's leaders.

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 Nominations for the 2014 awards are due on Friday, March 21.

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