Iowa State University of Science and Technology

March 3 Event

Main Performers

Brian Imbus (Mentalist) at 9 in the Great Hall

Nicole Byer (Comedian) at 11 in the Great Hall

Free Food

Soft pretzels with a variety of toppings: cheese sauce, mustard, and cinnamon sugar icing.  These will be served up at 10PM in the MU Commons.


Bingo: 9-1 in the Sun Room

Caricature Drawings: 9-1 in the Campanile Room

Karaoke: 9-1 in the Campanile Room

Our NEW Photo Booth: 9-1 in the Main Lounge


Grandma Mojos Moonshine Revival: Comedy improv shows at 9:30 and 11:30 in the M-Shop

SCUM (Society of Chemistry Undergraduate Majors): Make your own bouncy ball, 9-12 in the MU Commons

Iowa State Space Society: Space Rescue Race, 9-12 in the MU Commons

Game Renegades: Arcade Night, 9-1 in the Cardinal Room

CyServe: Drop in and Serve building Reading Boxes, 9-1 in the Pioneer Room

UNICEF: Project Linus Blanket Making, 9-11 in the Pioneer Room

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