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The Leadership Education And Development  (L.E.A.D.) Team is a brand new initiative that will consist of dedicated Iowa State student leaders committed to the advancement of student leadership opportunities on campus. Members of the team will have the opportunity to further develop and apply their leadership skills through the planning of large-scale conferences, retreats, and individual workshops for recognized student organizations. Team members will also gain experience in other areas such as public speaking, mentoring, networking, and marketing. In this role, students will serve as role models and mentors to others, and assist the Student Activities Center in its purpose of helping Iowa State students become more engaged citizens and active campus leaders.

The L.E.A.D. Team would assist with the following programs:

  • Leaders Workshop Series

  • Emerging Leaders Retreat

  • Women's Leadership Retreat

  • Iowa State Leadership Experience

  • Social Justice Summit

  • TEDxIowa State University

L.E.A.D. Team Responsibilities:

As a member of the L.E.A.D. Team, each position will have the following responsibilities:

  • Serve as one of the primary coordinators for one of the events listed above

  • Responsible for the planning, promotion, and execution of primary event above, and assist with other events as needed.

  • Develop and facilitate sessions and activities for the Emerging Leaders Retreat, and at least two other leadership events.

  • Assist with marketing and promotion for each event through the use of social media, posters, handouts, and other creative means.

  • Recruit, lineup, and facilitate communication with event speakers and facilitators

  • Coordinate event logistics such as room reservations, audio/visual and dining needs, and any other needs associated with each event.


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