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Check-In to Win!

Scan your ISU Student ID for a chance to win a $1,000 GRAND PRIZE!


How can I Check In To Win? 

Bring your ISU Student ID to each ISU AfterDark event. When you arrive, scan your card at one of the designated locations. When you are ready to leave, remember to check out! For every half hour you stay at an event, you will receive an entry into the grand prize drawing. 

What exactly is the $1,000 Grand Prize? 

We know that every student has different interests, so we're letting YOU pick the prize! Options include:

  • ISU AfterDark Scholarship toward your education

  • Books for next semester at the ISU Book Store

  • 50" flat screen TV

  • MacBook Air

Who is eligible to Check In To Win? 

All ISU students are eligible to win the grand prize. We encourage anyone and everyone to attend ISU AfterDark, but this prize will only be available to ISU students who attend. 

Where are the Check In locations in the Memorial Union?

  • Info Table in the Main Lounge

  • Sun Room with Bingo

  • MU Information Desk near the Cardinal Room

*Check in locations may vary at event 

How many entries can I receive? 

You can receive one entry for every half hour you attend an event. Each event runs from 9pm-1am. If you check in at 9pm and check out 1am, you will receive 8 entries for our grand prize! We hold 3 events a semester, which means you can earn up to 24 entries into the drawing! It pays to stay.

What if I forget to check out before I leave? 

It's important to check out before you leave, or we won't know how long you stayed. If this happens, we will provide you with one entry for simply checking in. Sorry, no exceptions. 

How will I know who won the drawing? 

The drawing will occur after the last event of each semester. When a winner is chosen, the name will be posted on this webpage and on our social media pages. The winner will also be contacted immediately after the drawing takes place.

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