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Current Exhibits

Rotating exhibits are hosted in the Gallery and Pioneer Room, both located on the 3rd floor of the Memorial Union.  Shows include regional artists as well as student juried exhibits. The Gallery and Pioneer Room are both used as meeting spaces, so viewing times vary between 8am and 10pm daily. Please call (515) 296-6848 for open viewing times, especially if you are making a special trip to see the exhibits.

Works are for sale.  For more information contact Letitia Kenemer.


Holly DeGrote Exhibit at the MU


July 10 - September 17 in the Pioneer Room

Holly DeGrote: Dust 

My artwork begins in the world of books.  While working in and with libraries, the quest for information and the enjoyment of knowledge that I witness within library users began permeating my artistic work.  
The spark of discovery, intrigue, and mystery that draws me to books as a reader has come full circle in my work as an artist.  Through an abstraction of images taken from books, the questioning of my visual art parallels the discovery of information that I so love within the literary arts.  As a good book slowly reveals its layers, its ideas and its story, my work investigates this sense of discovery, curiosity and resolution.

DeGrote works as a graphic design instructor at Northwest Iowa Community College, and lives in Sheldon, Iowa.


Kristin Nowlin Exhibit at the Memorial Union


July 18 - October 6, 2019 in the Gallery

Kristin Nowlin: Rebellious Rendezvous 

Nowlin's current work responds to images used in popular ephemera of the 1920s-1950s; these idealized images are challenged and expanded in black and white woodblock prints and collages. By changing facial expressions and hand gestures or inserting new characters, Nowlin question our assumptions about race and the sentimental tendencies of the appropriated media. While this work is open to interpretation, her underlying criticism of the nostalgia for that era is expressed in subtle, yet derisive, ways, often in the sarcasm of the titles that are borrowed from the original commercial sources.

Nowlin is a native of Ames and is currently an instructor at Kansas State University. She lives and works in her home studio in Manhattan, Kansas.

Reception Thursday, October 3 from 6:30-8pm

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