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Current Exhibits

Rotating exhibits are hosted in the Gallery and Pioneer Room, both located on the 3rd floor of the Memorial Union.  Shows include regional artists as well as student juried exhibits. The Gallery and Pioneer Room are both used as meeting spaces, so viewing times vary between 8am and 10pm daily. Please call (515) 296-6848 for open viewing times, especially if you are making a special trip to see the exhibits.

Works are for sale.  For more information contact Letitia Kenemer.


Andrea Van Wyk Exhibit at the MU


May 4 - July 7 in the Pioneer Room

Andrea Van Wyk: The Steps of an Artist 

A lifelong learner and explorer, Van Wyk paints, teaches, and reads to expand her thoughts and tune into her creative mind. While descending the steps of the Louvre, the golden ratio properties of harmony and proportion in the staircase captured her attention, and architectural elements began to appear in her compositions. Working in oil and acrylic, Van Wyk captures compositions while traveling abroad, a metaphor for overcoming fear and taking steps to grow and experience life to its fullest.  

Van Wyk is a member of Paintpushers and is a signature member of the Iowa Watercolor Society. She lives and teaches in Pella, Iowa.




Beth Bird Exhibit at the Memorial Union


May 8 - July 15, 2019 in the Gallery

Beth Bird: The Portrait 

Portraits are a way for Bird to tell a story. Clothing can tell the viewer the era, landscape may indicate location, objects could reflect the subject’s interests and facial expressions can tell you their emotional state. Bird’s recent series of female figures are staged with food, dogs, moons, and her “namesake,” birds. In the end, the artist is asking the question, and the viewers find the answer.


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