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Walk-In Crafts

To stay safe during COVID-19, we are offering walk-in crafts that will change monthly and drop-in events. You are welcome to create in our studios, or if you’d like to take your art kit to-go, that option is available for most crafts. We also have craft kits that can be ordered online at and delivered to your doorstep (Ames only) or available for pick up at The Workspace.

animals on parade walk-in craft


Animals on Parade

Give a trio of animals extra personality using a variety of media. Use paint, gems, fabric trim, glitter glue, and small accessories with a "winter" or "party" theme. Animals are around 2" x 3" depending on species.

Walk-in daily in January & February 
$16/$22 to-go or delivery






String Art Walk-In Craft

Hometown Love String Art

Hammer nails into a board in the shape of your state, pinpoint your hometown, and add a string pattern. Other designs available for walk-ins or create your own! 

Walk-in daily in January & February 
$8 in studio or to-go/$12 delivery





BLM Transfers Walk-In Craft

BLM Woodblock Transfer

Choose from a collection of inspirational messages and Black Lives Matter imagery to create two ready-to-hang artworks. Using a transfer medium we will show you how to “lift” your designs from paper onto a block of wood. Add a personal touch to your pieces using metallic markers pens. 

Walk-in daily in January & February 
$10 in studio/$12 to go/not available for delivery




Ankara Bracelets Walk-In Craft
Ankara Wrapped Bangle Bracelets

Ankara fabric (or African Wax Printing) is created through a wax-resist dyeing technique and is known for its vivid colors and bold patterns. Find a combination of Ankara fabrics that you like, and we will show you how to wrap them around cord to make a set of three bracelets sized just for you. Celebrate Black History Month by connecting with other cultures, attending events for greater understanding, and remembering that black history is American history.

Walk-in daily in January & February 
$8 in studio/$10 to go or delivery




Hand Warmers Walk-In Craft
Hand Warmers

Let’s make this cold Iowa winter a little more tolerable! Make a pair of Cyclone hand-warmers using rice – a high heat capacitor. This can be a no-sew project, or you can add some decorative stitching at the end. You can also add a few drops of essential oil for some good old homeopathic therapy. Pop these in the microwave before you leave and keep your fingers toasty on your next journey. P.S. You’ll need an iron if you take this one to-go.

Walk-in daily in January & February 
$8 in studio/$10 to go or delivery

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