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Walk-In Crafts

To stay safe during COVID-19, we are offering walk-in crafts that will change monthly and drop-in events. You are welcome to create in our studios, or if you’d like to take your art kit to-go, that option is available for most crafts. We also have craft kits that can be ordered online at and delivered to your doorstep (Ames only) or available for pick up at The Workspace.

Hamsa Painting Walk in Craft

Hamsa Palm Paintings

The Hamsa has different meanings to different groups of people but is commonly seen as a protective symbol that brings in luck, health, happiness, and good fortune, warding off evil and negative feelings. We have simplified the intricate designs by using a stencil on a canvas panel. Choose your color palette and enjoy the process of painting the shapes and lines that make up a Hamsa hand. More information about the history, symbolism, and significance of the Hamsa is available at The Workspace.
Walk-in daily during March

$12 for 9” x 12” painting or $15 for 12” x 16” painting in studio/not available to go or for delivery


Flowerpot Painting Walk-In Craft






Painted Flowerpots

Simple, fun, and in season, terra cotta pots are an easy surface to paint on. Choose from small pots to start an herb garden, to medium containers for indoor plants, and larger pots for outdoor flowers. 
Walk in daily during April

$9-$18 in studio/$12-$22 to go or delivery

Essential Oil Bracelet Walk-In Craft

Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelets

Make a stretchy bracelet using a mix of gemstones, a small charm, and a clay bead that will hold the aroma of an essential oil. Choose a scent that will help you de-stress, motivate, focus, or relax, and take home a sample of the oil to freshen up this new addition to your wellness toolkit.
Walk in daily during April

$10 in studio, $12 to go or delivery




Indian Block Printing Walk-In Craft
Indian Textile Block Printing

Woodblock printing is one of India’s foremost crafts and deeply rooted in their history. Patterns are painstakingly hand-carved into wood, producing a myriad of intricate designs. Explore this art form and try your hand at printing on a bag or tote with an authentic wood block. Variations and imperfections are expected during the process creating unique designs for each printer. Choose from a cotton pouch or tote.
More information about the history and significance of Indian block printing is available at The Workspace.
Walk in daily during April

$8-$10 in studio/not available to go or for delivery





Fired Ink Walk-In Craft
Fired Ink Fridays

Create swirls and blurs of vibrant color on glass using alcohol inks and a little bit of fire. We will seal the design and slip it into an 8 x 10 frame for an instant masterpiece!
Drop in on Fridays in April
$10 in studio (not available to go or delivery)

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