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Walk-In Crafts

To stay safe during COVID-19, we are offering walk-in crafts that will change monthly and drop-in events. You are welcome to create in our studios, or if you’d like to take your art kit to-go, that option is available for most crafts. 


Cork Painting Walk in Craft


Cork Painting

Cork is both versatile and eco-friendly – and a fun surface to paint on! Choose from a set of coasters, a trivet, various shapes of a memo boards, or a cork-covered journal and make something that is both useful and beautiful. 
$8-$12 /$10-$14 to go depending on what you choose
•    Coasters $8/$10
•    Trivet $9/$11
•    Memo Board $10/$12
•    Journal $12/$14



Fel Plushie Walk-In Craft






Felt Plushies

Cut pattern pieces from felt, stitch them together, and add a little stuffing – that’s all it takes to create a plushie. Choose from Baby Yoda, an adorable llama, or a bento box of sushi shapes. This is an easy beginner project if you don’t have stitching skills.
$8 in studio/$10 to go 

Macrame Rainbow Walk-In Craft

Macrame Rainbow

Wrap yarn around chunky cord in your favorite colors and create a rainbow wall hanging, or a smaller version that can be made into a keychain. The winding process can actually help you unwind and enjoy some creative time in your day.
$9 in studio/$11 to go 





Ice Dye Friday Walk-In Craft
Ice Dye Fridays

Move over tie-dye, there’s a new trend in town. Use a combination of dyes and ice to create a watercolor effect on a scarf, leggings, tote, socks, or pillowcase. Fun, easy, and each one is an original! Fabric will sit in dye overnight, so you’ll need to stop back to pick up your finished piece on Saturday. 
Drop in on Fridays in June from 2-8pm
$10-$20 depending on the item you choose/not available to go

•    Pouch Bag or Socks $10
•    Scarves $12-$14
•    Pillowcase $15
•    Leggings or Boho Bag $20

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