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Craft of the Month

Need a break? Drop in during open hours for our Craft of the Month and create something awesome. (No recycled egg cartons or construction paper cut-outs in these crafts!) We have the supplies and directions ready to go, and all ages are welcome if accompanied by an adult.

Fall Hours are Monday - Friday from 2-10pm and Saturday from 10am-4pm

Inked Coasters Walk-In Craft at The Workspace


August/September: Inked Coasters

Using the brilliant colors of alcohol ink, create abstract, bubbly patterns on a set of four coasters. Drop in during open hours. Open to all ages if accompanied by an adult. 

$8 per person



Sugar Skull Walk-In Craft at The Workspace

October: Sugar Skulls

Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) is a Mexican holiday for celebrating and honoring those who have passed. One tradition includes building ofrendas (altars) honoring the deceased using brightly colored skulls, marigolds, and possessions of the departed. Instead of sugar, our skulls are paper mache, but we invite you to decorate them in the spirit of Dia de los Muertos using paint, glitter, gems, flowers and other adornments.

More information about the history and significance of this event is available at The Workspace, and we encourage you to look for celebrations around the world on November 1 & 2. La calavera es un símbolo de la muerte, lo único seguro en la vida. 

$8 per person



Winter Garland Walk-In Craft at The Workspace

 November/December: Winter Garland

Make a garland up to 5 feet long using strips of flannel. Choosing the colors and patterns is fun, and the process of tying is repetitive for a relaxing break from your day. We will have a variety of cord to use, and will throw in some felted wool and other fabrics to add texture.

$8 per person




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