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2020 Presentation Information

2020 Social Justice Summit Presentation Information

Keynote Address: A Voice to the Voiceless

In this program, award winning documentary filmmaker Vanessa McNeal discusses how she has given a voice to the voiceless by leveraging filmmaking, social media, and her personal voice to elevate social issues. She emphasizes the value and power of social entrepreneurship and the social impact it leaves behind. She also emphasizes the importance of service, social justice initiatives, and sharing stories. Vanessa shows examples on how she's elevated social issues like male sexual violence, sex trafficking, and the maternal health crisis. She encourages students to use their voice and tools to amplify issues while inspiring them to become leaders in their community. Students will walk away feeling empowered to lead social justice initiatives and projects.

Breakout Presentations:

Advocating for Justice & Equity Within The Walls of Government

This session will explore and discuss ways inequities exist and continue to perpetuate within a government structure, and potential ways they can be addressed and eliminated by government. The session is intended to showcase the work advocates within local governments have taken to ensure equity within a governmental organization and the community it serves.

The Impact of Community in Social Justice

As one begins to engage in social justice, how does community play a role? In this workshops, participants will learn about communities studies and how community plays a role in social justice. Participants will also learn about the benefits of coalition building.

Sometimes You’re a Caterpillar: A Workshop on Intersecting Identities

A self-discovery workshop about privilege, oppression, and intersectionality. This almost entirely interactive workshop will allow students to reflect on their own identities and engage in dialogue with other students about power and identify various systems of oppression.

Outcasted: Being an International Student in U.S Higher Education

Higher education in the United States does not always receive international students warmingly, and can consist of many factors that cause international students to feel unwelcome. There are many little practices that can be adopted that can have a huge impact on international student's sense of belonging and feeling wanted in a country that tends to look at non-U.S. citizens as second class.

Navigating Student Organizations and the Campus Climate Discussion

When fundamental values in society (such as the freedom of speech) are threatened, social coalescence is palpable. This workshop debates the (potential) role of such a unifying response to a common threat in a general context where activists and administrators are seen to sit on opposite sides of the struggle that determines our reality in this status quo.

We need to talk about gender: Identifying gender-based themes of social support and conflict in programs and organizations

A discussion based workshop that encourages participants to consider gender in programming and organizations and how to advocate for and support gender diversity.

Navigating Tough Conversations: Social Awareness and Identity

This presentation will encourage students to understand the role identity, social awareness and communication style play in having tough conversations about race, privilege, power etc.

"Who Tells Your Story?": Partnering with University Archives to Shape the Historical Record

This presentation will touch on some basics about what Special Collections and University Archives (SCUA) is and what it does, including some of our holdings on underrepresented communities on campus, notable gaps in representation, as well as new and ongoing initiatives to fill those gaps. Participants will walk away with a better sense of how they can contribute to future researchers' understanding of our campus, our times, and the myriad of diverse communities that do and have made us what we are.

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