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Youth Volunteer Awards

The Volunteer Center of Story County and Iowa State University Student Activities Center together hosted the annual Story County Youth Volunteer Awards on Tuesday, April 26, 2016 in the Sun Room of the Iowa State Memorial Union. To view a list of the recipients of this award, click here.

Public recognition says “Thank You!” to those who have contributed in important ways to the community. It shows young people we appreciate them and encourage them to take leadership roles in Iowa in the future. Also, praise inspires imitation. Friends join with friends to volunteer, and many people can be affected by the example of one individual.

Individuals in Story County under the age of 25 for their outstanding volunteer service can be recognized in the
following categories:

  • Elementary school student or group

  • Middle school student or group

  • High school student or group

  • College student or group

  • Community volunteer or group

2017 nomination forms will be available:


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