Student Activities Center

Fall ClubFest

Virtual ClubFest is Live on Flipgrid

Use the Join Code: isuvirtualclubfest to start exploring!!

Virtual Event:

Monday, Sept. 14 - Friday, Sept. 18
Hosted on Flipgrid

Instructions for Students wanting to participate/attend Virtual ClubFest

  1. Check out the Student Activities Center Participating Organizations page that shows you a comprehensive alphabetical list of the student organizations that submitted videos to Flipgrid for Virtual Clubfest

  2. Find the clubs you are looking for on that list and search for them by organization name in the Flipgrid search bar

  3. Once you click on the organization video you want to watch be sure to check out the information they provide in the description and be sure to click on the 🌎 (globe emoji) to see what links they have provided to get in contact with them, access their Student Org website, or the College affiliated website their organization falls under.

If you have any questions or concerns contact



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