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Virtual ClubFest


Virtual ClubFest will be held during the week of Sept. 14 and will be hosted on Flipgrid. Student organizations registered for the event will have an opportunity to post a video to Flipgrid (up to 3 minutes) that details information about their student organization, upcoming events, how to join, etc. These videos can be recorded on Flipgrid or students will have the option of uploading a previously recorded video. 

Videos must be submitted to Flipgrid by Friday, September 11 at Noon. The Join Code for the virtual event will be provided to your organization once your registration is received. Registration for both the Outdoor ClubFest and Virtual ClubFest will open August 19, at 10am.

Registration and Posting Instructions

Please review the following instructions for uploading your organization's video to Flipgrid:

  1. For your student organization to receive the Flipgrid Join Code for Virtual ClubFest, you must first register for the event.

  2. Once you've registered, a Student Activities Center staff member will confirm your registration and send you the Join Code.

  3. To post a video, click on "Record a Response." You can either record your video in Flipgrid or upload a pre-recorded video (up to 3 minutes in length). IMPORTANT: The club member that is recording or uploading the video MUST be an officer of your organization that is listed in the Student Organization Database, otherwise your video will not be posted. Please make sure your officers have been updated before you post a video.

  4. Type your organization name as it is written in the Student Organization Database as the "Display Name"

  5. Include a description of your student organization and how to get in contact in the "Title" section.

  6. In the "Link" section provide either a link to your student organization in the Student Org database or provide your student organization's email as a way for students to contact you.

All Student Org. videos submitted to Flipgrid will be active by Monday, September 14th

Instructional Video


  1. In the "link" section on Flipgrid please only include a link to your club's Student Organization Database page, your organization's email, or the Iowa State College website that your club falls under.
  2. You can feature multiple members apart of your student organization in your video. We just ask that the person that uploads your clubs video to Flipgrid is a recognized officer in the Student Organization Database. 
  3. Students wanting to participate in the Virtual ClubFest event do not need to register for ClubFest. On Monday, September 14 we will be updating this Website so that it features information about getting access to the Virtual ClubFest Event on Flipgrid.

Additional Information

  • Student organizations may only post one video to the Virtual ClubFest event. If you need to edit or change the video that you have posted, email and we will work with you to post a new one.

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