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Advisers to Higher Risk Student Organizations

There are many different types of recognized student organizations on campus. Some organizations, by virtue of their mission and purpose, may require more oversight than others.  

University Requirements

At least one adviser of student organizations that have higher risk activities (as deemed by the university) must have demonstrated expertise in the student organization’s mission, objective, or activity and that adviser must be frequently present during the activity to provide proper oversight and supervision. Higher risk activities include but are not limited to:

  • Participation in vigorous physical activities

  • Use of firearms or weapons, display, or demonstration of mechanical and non-mechanical equipment

  • Process or practices that would have a reasonable need for the use of protective gear

  • Presence of animals

  • Potential to inflict mental or bodily harm

  • Exposure to pathogens

  • Display or demonstration with fire, liquids, chemicals or hazardous substances

  • Building, removal, or destruction of a structure

  • Exposure to hazardous environments

  • Exposure to natural elements or survivor type conditions

  • Affiliation with a national organization that requires insurance, additional security measures, or University resources to protect the membership or general community. 

If you are unsure about whether your organization is classified as a higher risk student organization, please contact the Office of Risk Management.

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