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In recognition of the leadership opportunities clubs provide Iowa State students, the university has developed a special template and established procedures for officers of groups to have printed business cards. The design template communicates the student’s official capacity with the group and reflects the club’s recognition and connection with the university.

Business cards may be requested by officers as listed for each Sponsored and Affiliated recognized student organization in the Student Organization Database

Complete the form by clicking continue at the bottom of this page. Requests are to be routed through the Trademark Licensing Office for review. Upon approval, requests will be forwarded electronically to ISU Printing. The business card proof will be e-mailed to the student. The student is responsible for approval of proof.

This program was developed by University Marketing, Trademark Licensing, Student Activities Center and the Campus Organizations Accounting Office, and approved by the Senior Vice President of Business and Finance.

The guidelines below are for sponsored and affiliated recognized student organization officers who may desire to have a business type card to identify themselves as affiliated with a particular organization or club. The purpose of the cards are traditionally used for networking at professional conferences, presentations, and large scale university events and programs. 

  • Organizations cards may only be ordered by the organization officers noted in the Student Organization Database;

  • All requests must go through the Trademark Licensing Office for approval and final review;

  • Organization funds must be used to cover the cost;

  • Cards must be produced by ISU Printing Services;

  • No alterations to the template will be allowed without Trademark Licensing Office approval;

  • The individual's position within the organization must be clearly identified (ex: International Student Council President); and

  • The recognized name of the organization must appear on the organization card. Additional language and/or design details is required to show how an organization is connected to the University, including, but not limited to, the requirement to use the verbiage "club", "student chapter" or other nomenclature

Card Options (based on tier designation):

Registered, Affiliated, and Sponsored Tier Eligible:
Affiliated and Sponsored Tier Eligible:
Sponsored Tier Eligible:

Possible Quantities and Prices

  • 48 cards- $22.50

  • 96 cards- $25.00

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