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Corporate Entities and the Iowa State University Foundation 

Many organizations solicit gifts and donations from companies and other entities. When doing so, these sponsorships/gifts/contributions should be handled and processed through the ISU Foundation. Iowa State University Foundation (ISUF) staff members manage the comprehensive relationships that most companies have with Iowa State University. Their involvement in your solicitation helps them to maintain the most up-to-date record of a donor’s comprehensive relationship with ISU and to make sure philanthropic gifts receive proper credit.

Prior to soliciting funding from any outside entity, please follow the steps below to inform the ISU Foundation of your intentions:

  1. Email with your advisor CC’d.
  2. The email should include:
    1. All solicitation materials with specific funding levels and benefit.
    2. A list of companies you would like to solicit; if you have files from previous years that include Foundation IDs this is incredibly helpful.
  3. Advisors will be sent the Foundation Confidentiality agreement that must be signed before any information is released. All information will be released directly to advisors, but they may share it with student group members under their supervision.
  4. If the Foundation does not have contact information on file for a requested organization, Student Groups are authorized to do their own research and reach out.
  5. There are some organizations that CANNOT be solicited by Student Groups. If you request one of these organizations, The ISUF will let you know.


For more information:

Campus Organization Accounting - See "Accepting Gifts/Charitable Donations"

Iowa State Foundation Cash Gifts


Event Funding Board

The Event Funding Board is an avenue for student organizations to request additional funding to support their upcoming events. Funding priority will be given to events that are brand new, have been significantly enhanced from previous years, attract a broad student body audience, or are being planned by multiple collaborating student organizations.


To assist you and your organization with fundraising efforts, Student Engagement has come up with a list of Ames area businesses that provide fundraising opportunities for student organizations.

Member Dues

Student organizations may elect to charge their members a fee for joining and participating in the activities of the group. This is commonly referred to as "dues." The price of membership dues is different for each organization and have different payment schedules. Organizations should use cash, check, or through the Student Organization Marketplace for credit cards. 

Student Government

The Student Government Finance Committee meets with student organizations who are requesting funds, amends requests, and issues recommendations to the Senate. Funding details and criteria information can be found by visiting the Student Government Finance webpage.

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