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Flyer Distribution Service

Policy & Procedures 

  • This service is exclusive to recognized ISU Student Organizations and Departments. The Student Organization or Department posting the flyer must be listed on the poster as a sponsor or promoter of the event

  • The service costs $30 for recognized student organizations. Payment for service must be made using the Campus Organization Accounting Office intramural. This is a three part form that is only available in the form rack outside of the West Student Office Space or from the Campus Organizations Accounting office located in the West Student Office Space Room 1580J

  • The service costs $50 for ISU departments. Payment for service must be made using the Intramural Purchase Order. The intramural should be made out to the Student Activities Center

  • Regardless of the amount of flyers distributed, the fee remains the same

  • If the organization is hosting an event, meeting or fundraiser, it will need to be approved through the Event Authorization process before submitting your flyers for distribution. Please note that, depending on the event, it can take up to 3-15 business days for approval

  • If the student organization is promoting an event or fundraiser, the date of the event or fundraiser must be at least 10 days after the flyer distribution date, which occurs every Tuesday

  • Bulletin board notices must include the date they are posted or the date of the event and may be posted no more than one month in advance of the event. Properly posted notices will be removed after thirty days or in the case of advertisements for an event, after the date of the event. All posting within the Memorial Union will conform to the Iowa State University Posting Policy

  • Maximum flyer size is 11" x 17"

Distribution Information

Once the above steps have been completed: 

  • Drop off 260 flyers along with Intramural payment to the Student Activities Center by 5:00pm on Monday

  • When the University is closed on Monday the drop off Deadline will always be on the Friday prior 

  • The date of the event is required to be at least 10 days after the flyer distribution date. Flyers will be distributed weekly on Tuesdays 

  • No Flyer Distribution during Dead Week, Finals Week or when school is not in session

Flyers are distributed in the following places: 

  • Over 200 to Residence Halls 

  • 4 to Sorority and Fraternity Engagement 

  • 6 in the Memorial Union 

  • 48 in additional buildings across campus 

Please note that the decision to utilize this service is voluntary and we cannot guarantee any flyers will be posted nor remain posted for any period of time. 

For Additional Information: 

Brigitte Milhous, Office Coordinator
Student Activities Center

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