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President's Training

President’s Training must be taken annually by the chief officer(s) of every student organization. President's Training certification is valid from September 1 to August 31 of each year.  If you were a student/campus organization President last year you will have to fulfill the requirement again. It's a recurring, annual expectation to help you successfully lead your organization.

Presidents Training is available in the Student Organization Database at:  After you are logged into the Student Organization Database click on the Training tab and review the material. Select "President's Training". Following a review of the material, score 20/22 on the quiz and your annual requirement is complete. Live President's Training occurs each fall in the Iowa State Memorial Union. Presidents that attend do not need to log into the database or take the online quiz. Please attend ONE of the sessions listed below

Fall 2019 In-person President's Training is available:

  • Monday, September 23 – Gallery Room, Memorial Union

    • 3:10 to 4:30 pm

    • 5:10 to 6:30 pm

  • Tuesday, September 24 – Gallery Room, Memorial Union

    • 3:10 to 4:30 pm

    • 5:10 to 6:30 pm

  • Monday, September 30 – Gallery Room, Memorial Union

    • 3:10 to 4:30 pm

    • 5:10 to 6:30 pm

Adviser Training

Live Adviser Training occurs periodically throughout the academic year. For those who are new to the university or who were unable to attend the live training, information is available in the Student Organization Database at:  The name of the training is "Adviser Training."

Large Passenger Van Training

Van certification is required for all students and student organizations driving large vehicles for university business.

Motor Vehicle Records Checks

Records checks are required of all students using university vehicles. Checks must be done every 12 months.

Safe Food 101

If your organization is planning an event and serving non-prepackaged food, anyone handling food must take the training. Certification is renewable annually.

Treasurer's Training

On an annual basis, all Treasurers must complete training and receive certification prior to spending organization funds from their account. Treasurer's training is managed by Campus Organizations Accounting Office. E-Mail or Phone: 515-294-1633 to register.


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