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Craft of the Month

Need a break? Drop in during open hours and create something awesome. (No recycled egg cartons or construction paper cut-outs in these crafts!) We have the supplies and directions ready to go, and all ages are welcome if accompanied by an adult. 

Hours are Monday - Friday from 2-9pm and Saturday from 10am-4pm

Glass Magnets Walk-In Craft at The Workspace



JANUARY: Glass Magnets

Browse through our stash of patterned papers, book and music pages, and comic books for images or design you like and turn them into a set of 4 handy fridge magnets.






String Art Walk-In Craft at The Workspace

FEBRUARY: String Art

Hammer nails into a board in the shape of your state, pinpoint your hometown, and add a string pattern. Other designs available or create your own! 





Wood Tray Spruce Up Walk-In Craft at The Workspace

MARCH: Wood Tray Spruce Up

Using a combination of paint, decoupaged papers and oil markers, turn a plain wood tray into a decorative piece or functional storage spot. Three tray sizes available. 

$8-$12 depending on size






Painted Flower Pots Walk-In Craft at The Workspace

APRIL: Painted Flowerpots

Simple, fun and in season, terra cotta pots are an easy surface to paint on. Choose from small pots to start an herb garden to medium containers for indoor plants and larger pieces for outdoor flowers. Drop in during open hours. Open to all ages if accompanied by an adult.  $6-$12 depending on the size 

$8-$12 depending on size







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